New [Work] Digs.


Our little team of six moved shop this weekend and we are now located in a swanky, official looking downtown office building. Despite global headquarters’ orders to move in with the rest of the agency family, we were slightly reluctant to leave our cosy and creative loft office. We loved our space, our own little playground. We also happened to over-look the rooftop of a family’s home that told tales of an adorable puppy trying to befriend a Queen cat, 5:30pm al fresco dinners when the weather was warm, and the “interesting” daily laundry line. These little anecdotes became our daily work musings, which we will now miss.

But. New office means NEW SPACE TO DECORATE!

I dream of one day having a home office like the set-up above, simple and straightforward. Calming tones, clean-cut furniture with just enough softness. I admit that my tendency for clippings and inspiration will mostly require that I have a large overhead board of some sort, but this calming scene makes me think that efficiency will come with the territory.

8bde3b71-e032-4644-abcd-b08f8eb132e5-largeI am also one who needs at least two selections of pens on hand at all times. Don’t ask me why – I think I probably pluck two or three from the jars atop my current tabletop to use on rotation on a day of planning, and will grab my collection of Muji double-ended felts for editing. This little tray is perfect because it also houses more space for me to collect photos and artwork. Organised clutter, if you must.

PicMonkey Collage

And then we have notebooks and paper products, which make me deliriously happy. This generally means one lined, one unlined, and one to easily tear pages from.

Here’s to hoping our new digs will inspire the team to produce even better work than we have been. And here’s to me dreaming of more perfect work stations…

Images: Office, Notebook+Notepad, Notebook, Organiser.