Week [0816].


And so it goes.

This was a week where I wished so much that my closest BFFs were near, and that we could grab a coffee and just talk. About everything, anything, many things. But alas, being somewhat of a nomad and having said besties living miles and miles away, it just wasn’t possible.

On the other hand, I have made a big, big decision that’s about to change the game. I will follow through, and then exhale and think, You know what? Anything IS possible.

I’ve received some lovely reader emails this week, and we’ll also be hosting a reader coffee session this weekend. Sometimes it’s things like this to show that hard work certainly pays off. Then again, it’s also things like this that maybe makes you think, alright – my job is done…We had a fantastic cover shoot this week, in a showroom that had gorgeous handpainted wallpaper. The interior decorator in me was swooning the entire shoot.

There’s a quick getaway scheduled for Sunday, and it will be so nice to get out of the hustle-bustle for a day. Looking forward to some clarity being away from it all.

In the meantime…

What a perfect, classic camera satchel.

Devoured these.

Let us all be as happy and imaginative as this little one.

Yup, still thinking about Paris.

Lucky mag’s new, cool editor-in-chief.

Wallpaper*, redesigned.

Have a miraculous weekend!

Photo: Hong Kong, 2012.



热。[ Rè ].  HOT.

It’s the hottest I’ve experienced and we’re looking at two more weeks (at least) of this scorching weather. All I can think about is…


Popsicles! Just look at these beauties. We embraced the challenge of shooting some for our last issue and while I moan about shooting F/W fashion in this heat, I’m glad we didn’t have to brave the temperatures while shooting our recipes for homemade popsicles. Despite it having been an indoor shoot, buckets and buckets of ice melted under the studio lights…

PicMonkey Collage

As a child, these mango/banana flavoured treats were my favourite – but they’re only available in Hong Kong. Growing up in Canada, it was all about the Fudgsicle. Popsicles seem awfully trendy now, and I love all the healthy homemade varieties. This breakfast popsicle, for instance, is a great idea.  But you know, grown-ups deserve cheeky desserts too. This weekend I may just have to add a splash of vodka or champagne into a fruity popsicle mix to make for a good cool-down. Mmmhmm.

Photo: Weather, Shanghai, 2013. 
Images: Popsicles, Chocolate Popsicles, Cappuccino Popsicles, Rocket Popsicles

In the Mood for…



Creating a moodboard and concept sheet for an issue is one of my most favourite things about what I do. Afterall, I get to call sourcing photography, surfing Pinterest, browsing recipes sites, and reading magazines my job. This is what this week was all about.

Those who know me know that I am awfully selective about being mainstream. Granted, in producing a magazine, we need to cater to our readers. And our readers are….mainstream. However, as an editor it’s my job to inject some unexpected into the expected.

PicMonkey Collage

The palette we’ve decided on will use a lot of gold, orange and plum with hints of pale green. And as usual I will probably try to sneak in tints of blue, just because I feel it allows eyes to rest while being inundated with visual after visual. It’s difficult to not default to browns and reds so we needed to throw in some pops of contrast. I’m also eying the colours of Moonrise Kingdom.

As we all know, autumn is the season for harvest. But in China, it’s not just about flavours and staples, but more so about eating the right seasonal ingredients to keep your body warm – literally. Therefore we will be incorporating chestnut, gingko, white sesame, taro and ginger into our heartier-than-ever recipes. Lots and lots of wonderful, pungent ginger to keep our systems cosy.

PicMonkey Collage1

For this issue, I just want to evoke that special autumn feeling of coming home to something warm. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Coming home to the smell of hearty homecooking, gathering around with loved ones, jumping into piles of crunchy, golden leaves, walking into a room full of laughter. It’s always a challenge for me to fuse East and West together (we don’t have piles of leave to jump through here in Shanghai, or apple pie, for the matter), but it’s fun to see how many ways we can sneak new ideas in.

Alright, Issue 10. Let’s get you started.

Photo: Tart + Tea, London, May 2011.
Images: Bouquet, Lipsticks, Yarn, Apples. Tarts, Citrus, Porridge.

Week [0614].


It’s another week and I am way behind on…everything. Just a quick one before I continue on with piles of editing…There is both good and bad in three-day holidays. Good: They make the work week shorter. Bad: They make the work week shorter.

It was during the holiday that I finally managed to see the fantastic Andy Warhol show at the Power Station of Art, which, as a venue, seems promising. I hope this means we’ll be seeing more shows of this scale in Shanghai. For a split second I felt like I was back at the Tate in London, so delightful. More on this show soon, but I definitely discovered a new love in Andy’s cheeky photobooth shots.

In the meantime:

As a Lomography fanatic, I must get this film scanner.

Whenever I need inspiration, I always turn to the stunning portfolios of this Swedish agency.

Ah, oui. Isabel Marant x H&M. November couldn’t come sooner.

Book clutches – yay or nay? Literary-inspired wardrobe goodies.

Ooh la la, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, Paris. (The city, not the person…!)

Have a full-of-daydreams weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.



Snap Happy.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 16.35.57

From one kind of “style” to another.

Today’s photo was taken on a kiddie clothing shoot in London. Usually photoshoots with kids can get pretty crazy but the mini-models we had that day were so well behaved and one little darling in particular, Pepper, totally stole my heart. The theme of the shoot was spring (shot in the dead of winter, as all shoots go),  so we had these delicious treats to accessorise the set with.

I’m running a creative workshop tomorrow back here in Shanghai, a chance for our photographer, editors and designers to brainstorm and discuss all things related to food photography.

Rule of Thirds, backlighting, composition, white balance, depth of field – these are all things that we rattle on about, second nature to us when we’re so used to scrutinising each speck of pepper (the spice, not our sweet kiddie model) or each trail of sauce. It’s trickier when dealing with Chinese food since we can only be so creative with our plating before overwhelming the actual ingredients. So, this powwow is an extra push for us to think apart from the obvious so to give our readers an improved experience with our mag in the coming issues.

People make fun of me now because I style the heck out of every photo I take, even just with my Blackberry. But what’s wrong with wanting to create and capture the simple beauty of otherwise mundane details?

Photo: London, 2012.