Week [0117].


This week’s round-up comes a day early, as I’ll be spending tomorrow up in the air on my way to London, or what I call my “other, other, other” home. Of all the places I’ve lived in, I miss it the most. The city also bears a lot of memories that are very close to my heart. My flight tomorrow, though, most likely won’t be as “spacious” as depicted in this photo.

It’s time to decide where I want the next block (or longer, who knows?) of my life to play out. I’ve told myself the goal of this trip is to do/see everything I haven’t yet experienced. So I’ll be frolicking around town in the rain, visiting cafes I’ve previously missed, nibbling at new restaurants, checking out the Paul Smith show at the Design Museum, to start. I also want to check out the Festival of Imagination. But I’ll likely allow myself to visit old faves like Portebello Road and Hyde Park (in the rain, no less). Right – and I’ll be working from our London office, too!

I’m not sure why it hasn’t hit me yet that I am leaving tomorrow, and for about 3 weeks, too. But I’ll remember when I get there.

In the meantime…

One of my favourite things to style: Bookshelves.

A mixtape of sorts by Girls’ music coordinator.

52 places to go in 2014.

Classy espresso maker.

How big is your vocabulary?

Have a delightful weekend!

Photo: Up in the air, 2013.

Week [0802].


Hello, August…

And the theme of this week is…BIG.

It was announced last Sunday that our mother company will be joining with another industry big-wig in a “megamerger”.  So, we are now a family of 130,000 global employees (!). Wow. We haven’t really felt the effect in China yet, but let’s wait and see.

I now have my ticket home. SO. EXCITED. And finally. I’ve been saving up leave dates for this big trip and now I will enjoy a glorious three weeks back on North American soil. What’s new in Vancouver/NYC? I’m so excited to be visiting my two former home cities. Will make the usual first stop in Vancouver at Tim Hortons for coffee and a honey cruller, then just spoil myself rotten with everything I’ve been missing. Nom. I kind of want to start packing now but packing six weeks before a trip is kind of ridiculous…just so looking forward to the fresh air and good food and friends and fam.

Today is the birthday of a special boy who will never grow up. Even though he’s older than I am. So, big happy wishes to him, and may he forever be on an exciting adventure.

In the meantime…

I have had these delightful desktop backgrounds on rotation all week.

Clever food typography.

Channeling my inner Miranda Priestly via this poster.

Rilo Kiley accompanied me (not in person!) on many a train ride back in the UK. This song is appropriate.

Thoughtful ideas on the aforementioned merger. The new company name suggestions made me chuckle.

On travel blogging: “Many successful bloggers believe that the best way to both thrive and maintain a level of professionalism is to keep the focus on the reader.”

Have a larger-than-life weekend!

Photo: From the birthday boy, NYC, 2012.


palawan Beach Philippines

After a rejuvenating weekend, my mind is now on the above. Planning a quick getaway but am having trouble decided between a) island life in Palawan b) visiting a friend and her sweet bubba in Tokyo c) somewhere else where I can just shut off from Shanghai life.

Mind you, this is probably wishful thinking on a Monday. Fingers crossed.

PS. Need a song for Monday? Try this sweet one. Reminds me of the times puttering about in my little London flat.

Image: Palawan.

Let Her Go.


I have a draft blog entry tucked in my Evernote folders on music that brings you back…to another place, another moment, another breath. That entry remains unpublished only because  I keep adding to the list of songs that trigger thoughts of somewhere else in time.

However, this one deserves its own entry.  Currently taking it easy with this Passenger number on repeat…

Image: Weheartit.com

Week [0329].


This chandelier is my favourite thing to photograph. In the world. Every time I’m in London, I have to head over and take multiple shots from every angle possible. It must be the curlicues and twists that resonate with me…the dimensions of a messy, creative mind?

What a week.

Lack of sleep and an abundance of stress does not make for a sharp Friday. The good news is, production week is over! So stress can, literally, be put to bed…until Monday anyway. March has always been a difficult month – I’m not sure why, but it is, every year. Then we always survive and ask, how can it be April already?

In the meantime…

This song has been on repeat at our little loft office. Or, rather, I have put it on repeat and everyone else is forced to listen. I love my team!

Daydreaming of this beach. Or maybe this beach. Any beach.

Will be popping by this guy’s studio later in one of my favourite ‘hoods in Shanghai, Tianzifang.  [“Busy” us ended up going for coffee & sweets at Baker & Spice. ]

Snacking on these MaltEaster Mini Bunnies that I hoarded during my recent UK trip. Nom.

Loving this Bill Claps work.

Hopefully I’ll also gather myself up this weekend to sort out recent travel photos, plus finish some more WIP artwork.

Happy a happy Easter weekend!

Photo: London, Victoria + Albert Museum, 2013. 


Monday treat to jumpstart the week.

Credit goes to the ever-wonderful and mildly psychic Nigel who always knows to send me the perfect song for the moment. Or the perfect song to turn that moment around. My randomest counterpart (60)4-ever.

Fingers-crossed we all survive this week.

Link: Youtube



I was passing by the Piazza Della Repubblica the other day, on my way to meet him at ‘the other David’, when a busker stopped me in my tracks with his rendition of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist.’ A crowd had gathered near the precious Picci Carousel on this blue-sky day, and he was lost in his own musical world, enunciating his words carefully despite having a heavy Italian accent.

That song has been stuck in my head for the past three days now. And will probably be the song that will always remind me of this holiday. And more.

Last night in Italy.

“Oh, take me back to the start…”

Photo: Bali, 2011.