Week [0802].


Hello, August…

And the theme of this week is…BIG.

It was announced last Sunday that our mother company will be joining with another industry big-wig in a “megamerger”.  So, we are now a family of 130,000 global employees (!). Wow. We haven’t really felt the effect in China yet, but let’s wait and see.

I now have my ticket home. SO. EXCITED. And finally. I’ve been saving up leave dates for this big trip and now I will enjoy a glorious three weeks back on North American soil. What’s new in Vancouver/NYC? I’m so excited to be visiting my two former home cities. Will make the usual first stop in Vancouver at Tim Hortons for coffee and a honey cruller, then just spoil myself rotten with everything I’ve been missing. Nom. I kind of want to start packing now but packing six weeks before a trip is kind of ridiculous…just so looking forward to the fresh air and good food and friends and fam.

Today is the birthday of a special boy who will never grow up. Even though he’s older than I am. So, big happy wishes to him, and may he forever be on an exciting adventure.

In the meantime…

I have had these delightful desktop backgrounds on rotation all week.

Clever food typography.

Channeling my inner Miranda Priestly via this poster.

Rilo Kiley accompanied me (not in person!) on many a train ride back in the UK. This song is appropriate.

Thoughtful ideas on the aforementioned merger. The new company name suggestions made me chuckle.

On travel blogging: “Many successful bloggers believe that the best way to both thrive and maintain a level of professionalism is to keep the focus on the reader.”

Have a larger-than-life weekend!

Photo: From the birthday boy, NYC, 2012.



Here is another reason, sometimes, to just do things without thinking too much.

So, welcome to the new design!

It was time for a new image – and knowing me, this may happen time-to-time.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine that’s been streaming non-stop into the windows, or that we’ve just wrapped another issue, or, in fact, I am just in need of creative exploration (constantly)…

No planning, just going with what feels right, albeit for now.

New image, new thoughts, new outlook. Now that’s a new formula that I can work with.



Been sick for the past few days and it’s definitely not fun. Despite this, exciting emails have come in regarding a new project, so that’s a sliver of light amongst the foggy-brain feeling.

And I can’t not mention – how sweet did the little Obama ladies look at the Inauguration? Fashion aside, it’s not hard to feel the joyous, celebratory mood through the reports and snaps from yesterday as they filtered through from the other side of the world.

Right now, half of my brain is on the tasks I’m missing at work, and the meetings I need to reschedule for falling ill. The other half is semi-stressing about how I’m going to pack for my European trip in a few weeks. Exciting! Here’s the hoping the snow would have eased off by the time I arrive, but who doesn’t love a white winter wonderland once in awhile? I chuckle at the reminder of how I used to spot carrots all around after the snow had melted in my old London neighbourhood – poor Frosties without their noses!

So in the meantime, I leave you with a taste of what’s to come. And soon, introductions to my BFFs, who, believe me, you will want to get to know.

Photo: Shanghai, 2012.

Round & round.


This week’s entries have been about laying the bricks to kick-off this blog, aka my latest pet project. More introspective than anything, these thoughts, just so I can gather them, get them out there, and progress to the next part. Starting next week will come ramblings about other things that I love, am grateful for, and am eyeing or obsessing about at the moment. Fun!

I type this with a huge blot of blue ink on my ring finger, a result of of a bumpy week in general. Multiple cups of coffee spilled. Physically felt awful. Mentally in complete disarray – just out of it, really. Must steal a few quiet moments this weekend to regroup.

That’s the key, boys and girls – take time out to regroup, no matter how fast you need to/have been asked to/are expected to run. I go, go, and go but I almost always hit a wall and suddenly, I’m done. This it not good. This is also why I’ve moved around often, and am constantly planning an exit strategy to get me to my next move. Mind you, being  a creative type, I’m  very good a charging ahead with a one-track mind, be it editing the magazine, being enthralled by a side project and looking up and realising it’s 4am, or sourcing inspiration for the multiple moodboards. But looking at the big picture, I often find myself yearning for change. That’s good and bad, I suppose.

But I spent the past 3 years looking for the “next best thing” and ended up right back where I began. The only change that took place was with, and in, me.

Life, it just keeps going. Round and round and round. And sometimes you just have to accept that it will make choices for you, and lead you to where you’re meant to be (for now? Ha.).

So let this blog be the place where I remind myself of the beauty in the details of each day. Then maybe collectively, I can be reassured that at least, in this moment, I am okay.

Have a lovely weekend.

Photo: Brighton, 2010.

Just Start.


And so we begin – again.

The intention to start and um, maintain, a blog regularly has been billowing in my mind for a long, long time. I suppose the failed attempts were due to the need to being too regimented and having a set of…rules? This question of “What am I going to write about?” can’t really be answered in one thought, can it?

As an editor by day, I am surrounded by photos, products, words, images, content to filter through, edit and curate. This has resulted in me being curious about everything.

So this is exactly what I’m going to do. My goal was to start a blog, not to have a set a rules for my blog. Therefore, I will let my thoughts take the lead. That certain point in the day will be the guide. The likelihood is that I’ll write about travel, art, design and publishing, but I’m sure food, languages, and the occasional deep thought will make an appearance too. And randomness – I’m good at that.

Organic growth.

Here we go.

Photo: Shanghai, 2012.


I don’t make resolutions. Or, rather, I stop and consider doing so, but the efforts fail before I even begin. Call me uninspired.

This needs to change.

Of all the resolutions and commentary on “It’s a New Year!” blog entries, so far the only one that has resonated with me is the one where you select one word that you will live by for the year. It could be anything from “Create” to “Care” to “Learn”. And as usual, I can’t never have just one – so I chose three. Namely, three that encompass all the things I’m aiming for, and looking to do in 2013.

growth. gratitude. grace.

(Alliteration: bonus!) And as for why specifically I’m sticking with (or, starting with) these, I’ll keep the reasons to myself, for now.

But change, it begins today.

Photo: Provence, 2010.