Week [0816].


And so it goes.

This was a week where I wished so much that my closest BFFs were near, and that we could grab a coffee and just talk. About everything, anything, many things. But alas, being somewhat of a nomad and having said besties living miles and miles away, it just wasn’t possible.

On the other hand, I have made a big, big decision that’s about to change the game. I will follow through, and then exhale and think, You know what? Anything IS possible.

I’ve received some lovely reader emails this week, and we’ll also be hosting a reader coffee session this weekend. Sometimes it’s things like this to show that hard work certainly pays off. Then again, it’s also things like this that maybe makes you think, alright – my job is done…We had a fantastic cover shoot this week, in a showroom that had gorgeous handpainted wallpaper. The interior decorator in me was swooning the entire shoot.

There’s a quick getaway scheduled for Sunday, and it will be so nice to get out of the hustle-bustle for a day. Looking forward to some clarity being away from it all.

In the meantime…

What a perfect, classic camera satchel.

Devoured these.

Let us all be as happy and imaginative as this little one.

Yup, still thinking about Paris.

Lucky mag’s new, cool editor-in-chief.

Wallpaper*, redesigned.

Have a miraculous weekend!

Photo: Hong Kong, 2012.



热。[ Rè ].  HOT.

It’s the hottest I’ve experienced and we’re looking at two more weeks (at least) of this scorching weather. All I can think about is…


Popsicles! Just look at these beauties. We embraced the challenge of shooting some for our last issue and while I moan about shooting F/W fashion in this heat, I’m glad we didn’t have to brave the temperatures while shooting our recipes for homemade popsicles. Despite it having been an indoor shoot, buckets and buckets of ice melted under the studio lights…

PicMonkey Collage

As a child, these mango/banana flavoured treats were my favourite – but they’re only available in Hong Kong. Growing up in Canada, it was all about the Fudgsicle. Popsicles seem awfully trendy now, and I love all the healthy homemade varieties. This breakfast popsicle, for instance, is a great idea.  But you know, grown-ups deserve cheeky desserts too. This weekend I may just have to add a splash of vodka or champagne into a fruity popsicle mix to make for a good cool-down. Mmmhmm.

Photo: Weather, Shanghai, 2013. 
Images: Popsicles, Chocolate Popsicles, Cappuccino Popsicles, Rocket Popsicles

Week [0726].


Shanghai suburbs hit an astounding 42°C yesterday, and we’ve just had a flash thunderstorm reminiscent of those of horror movies. What is happening to the world?

Unbelievably, it’s the last weekend of July. And this weekend will be full of errands, but fun errands – film to develop, letters to send, care packages to put together, maybe throw some paint on that naked easel. And that return I need to make in the spur of a bad choice made during some retail therapy.

Received some bad news from a bestie this week, and I’m crossing everything I can and sending her good vibes. Take care of yourselves, everyone.

And of course I can’t not say, Welcome to the world, little Prince George. George is one of my many nicknames (don’t ask), so I think his parents made a good choice!

In the meantime…

Love the first of these beautifully illustrated quotes.

Being overly ambitious in planning my September North American trip. Nantucket, anyone?

Coffee makes you less suicidal.

It’s good to be nostalgic.

These flavoured lemonades look so refreshing.

Have a replenishing weekend!

Photo: Hong Kong, 2012.

Week [0719].


Why hello again, Friday. You always seem so far from reach but you’re always, always so welcomed.

Still deep in the embrace of the 38ºC heat, but planning for the autumn issue has begun. Just how I’m supposed to think about sweaters and soups and warmth when I am living in sundresses and salads and air conditioning?! Our food editor came by today for a pow-wow and brought us all some delicious mochi ice cream. I suppose we should savour the flavours and optimistic attitude of summer while it lasts.

I am thisclose to having a plane ticket in my hand for the much-anticipated North American trip in the fall. I cannot wait to be reunited with my nearest and dearest on that side of the world, and to just exhale and breathe in the sweet, clean air. Over the weekend I will be working on a freelance travel piece, hopefully I’ll have more assignments to tide me over until September (optimistic summer attitude in action…).

In the meantime…

Want to be more interesting?

Cute and practical work sandals in my favourite shade.

Simple and sweet, Morse code jewellery.

Latest scent on the roster. I love bergamot!

One of my most favourite non-newsstand mags – so beautiful.

Have a sweet weekend!

Photo: Vancouver, 2012.

Week [0712].


I wonder when I’ll stop daydreaming about seashores and beaches and actually get myself to one.

Today’s photo comes from one of my favourite sets of my own, of Brighton, UK. The therapeutic sounds of the seashore, salty taste in the air, pebble beach, fresh cups of seafood and even ducking from seagulls are all currently sorely missed. Brighton Pier, albeit visited as an escape from heartache, solidified how calming the shore is to me. (Raindrops also work.)

I think I’m homesick…but of which “home”? Must investigate this further, though the multiple international Skype appointments over the weekend might actually be detrimental to this thought.


In the meantime…

Cutest bandeau bikini.

How to Live with Introverts.

Stout reminds me of roadtrips to Portland from summers past. These Double Chocolate Stout Upside Down Cupcakes, however, sound like they could remind of of…tomorrow. Ha.

Hello, Lionel. Hilarious eco cup.

Might be a good thing I can’t get my hand on these paint samples.

Have a red-hot weekend!

Photo: Brighton, UK, 2011.

Week [0524].


Hi. It’s Friday!


After a quick escape to Beijing last week (more about this soon), this week’s pace has gone from extremely hectic to enjoyably relaxed. Nothing a few extra shots of coffee (or my go-to comfort drink, milk tea) couldn’t cure .

Thoughts of summers past having been billowing in my head, and I’m missing people, and nostalgic about adventures, but looking forward to discovering new things around town to fill in the “present” pages. We have a kiddie shoot this weekend and it should be great – because, really, what could be better than kids and balloons and picnics?

In the meantime…

This washi tape installation makes me so happy.

Pushing through with summertime thoughts with Jamie’s yogurt pops.

Or better still, these white peach, lychee and red berry ice lollies.

I must, must, must make it to this Warhol exhibition. Maybe even twice.

Loved this article about crying in public in NYC. I’ve done it before…

Quite drawn to these lyrics, for some reason. Oh, sweet thing.

Have a delicious weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.