The Rain Room.


With the mercury hitting 38°C today, everyone is looking for a respite from the heat that’s been hovering above us this week. And it seems as if tempers also rise along with the heat. Does patience somehow “melt” away?

How I wish I could pop into Random International’s Rain Room currently on exhibit at the MoMa in New York City (where it is also insanely hot right now, so I hear from pals) to reclaim a sense of coolness and calm. Its choreographed downpour also encourages each visitor to explore their reactions to the given scenario: Do I, or do I not, dare to step inside? Do I run through, do I attempt a pirouette, do I tip-toe across waiting to get drenched? Furthermore, it also allows the visitor to have a sense of control over something that otherwise would be uncontrollable (the weather).

I secretly love it when it rains. This is perhaps due to the fact that I am from Vancouver, where raindrops often beat out sunrays in attendance. So until our local rainclouds decide to grace us with their presence, those of you lucky enough to be in NYC please pay this stunning installation a visit so that I can vicariously cool down through you.

Image: MoMa