Happy Holidays.


Hello, Christmas Eve.

Christmas spirit hit me late this year, but when the huge wave hit me this past weekend, it was a speedy effort to get all the baking, wrapping and crafting done.

Being in a country where Christmas is a haphazard holiday does take the majority of the fun away. But really, with something as special as Christmas, there’s really no excuse to not celebrate. So, lesson learned: You must indulge what’s in your heart and make it happen for yourself.

white christmas

And come on – just look at the beautiful things this holiday inspires!

What I miss most are those huge family gatherings when we were young, with cousins flying in from around the world, stacks of presents under the tree, and even a lucky draw. What fun.

This year, I’m so glad to have signed off on our Issue 11 just in time to give the team the day off on the 25th. The Chinese New Year issue always ends up going into production around this time, but this year we managed to give ourselves a break. Hooray. This also means I have less than 24 hours to whip up a fancier version of Christmas dinner that I’d anticipated.

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 15.56.34

With that said, after December is over, January will be the beginning of the end. Ominous for a time like this, I know, but it’s the twinkles and sparkles and merriment that’s making me feel rather positive about the “unknown” of next year, when some major changes are going to happen. (This is the bahumbug being pushed out of my system…)

I wish you a very lovely, warm and memorable Christmas season, filled with joy and laughter shared in great company. Happy holidays!

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