Hi there.

I am fervent about blogging regularly (at least I try to be), I failed to be inspired last week. I blame (still) the thoughts that are buzzing in my head. I also blame the lovely taste of autumn that we had that inspired me instead to get out and daydream and wander and jog and walk and pace. So, apologies.

And so we come to a new week. When I’m not curled up perusing the endless gorgeousness that is many, many September issues, I’m mentally packing for my trip (nine days!). Otherwise my eyes have been glued to the #nyfw updates…hooray for Prabal Gurung’s palette, Kate Spade’s escapist designs, Victoria Beckham’s simple chic – and her little Harper who makes even Anna Wintour smile. Too good.

For those of you who are popping by via my JADE Magazine column, thank you. JADE was my first internship ever and I am so glad to still be contributing to the efforts of the lovely ladies on the team.

Hope your week is off to a good start. More soon.

Image: People


palawan Beach Philippines

After a rejuvenating weekend, my mind is now on the above. Planning a quick getaway but am having trouble decided between a) island life in Palawan b) visiting a friend and her sweet bubba in Tokyo c) somewhere else where I can just shut off from Shanghai life.

Mind you, this is probably wishful thinking on a Monday. Fingers crossed.

PS. Need a song for Monday? Try this sweet one. Reminds me of the times puttering about in my little London flat.

Image: Palawan.



Here is another reason, sometimes, to just do things without thinking too much.

So, welcome to the new design!

It was time for a new image – and knowing me, this may happen time-to-time.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine that’s been streaming non-stop into the windows, or that we’ve just wrapped another issue, or, in fact, I am just in need of creative exploration (constantly)…

No planning, just going with what feels right, albeit for now.

New image, new thoughts, new outlook. Now that’s a new formula that I can work with.


If there’s one thing I strongly support and believe in, it’s education for children. More specifically, that every child needs to have access to books. Books encourage imagination in children (and escapism in adults). Books show you a world you … Continue reading



Self-imposed hiatus to focus on what’s important – birthdays, afterall, all but come just once a year.

I wanted to be low-key this year, so didn’t make any big plans. Lunch with the team, dinner with the fam, chitchat with him, and maybe a cake so that I can make my wishes for the year.


Flowers showed up. Multiple cakes, and cupcakes, showed up. Faraway hellos were exchanged, and unexpected phone calls answered. My favourite foods eaten in my honour despite being in different timezones. Adorable pop-up card from the nephews featuring their delicious faces. Snail mail packages. So while my birthday wasn’t really in my own thoughts (clouded by “Oh-I’m-getting-old-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life?!” existentialist thoughts, I believe), it seemed that they were, in fact, in theirs. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Happy birthday, lucky me. Onwards and upwards I go.

PS. How much do we love A Beautiful Mess‘ new app? They pretty much summed it all up for me.

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.



The hours have gone by too quickly and the recent sunshine has pulled me away from the Mac, hence the lack of updates in the past few days.

Speaking of missing, thoughts of the Big Apple keep billowing in my mind. I reckon it’s time to plan a visit to my once other-home, and to peer at one of my all-time favourite buildings, the Seagram, again. The New York Times has a great story on the building of this landmark today, filled with fun name-dropping anectdotes. Love.

But before I can schedule in another 12+ hour flight, I’ll make do with a 2.5-hour one. See you tonight, Hong Kong!

Photo: New York City, Columbus Circle, 2009.



“Did you read this article?” was his response to my, oh, musings of the recent months passed. It was titled “The Busy Trap”, an article that has gone viral again after being first published mid-2012.

And now I’ve just read it for the sixth time.

It has all my recent favourite, albeit overused, words in it: Idle, existential, obligations. Can you see where I’m going with this?

We all do it. Go, go, go, ATTACK! Hit one target and immediately jog up to the next before sprinting through the next finish line. And repeat. However, do we do this because we must? The perfectionist in me says, of course, and complete everything at 120%, minimum. I’ve talked about pacing yourself, taking  a breather, and rediscovering the tiny but beautiful details that we overlook. Perhaps being still is a skill that we all need to practice as well, and question the cogency of our busyness.

The article particularly rings true in that our regrets lie with not spending time with those we love and not with passing on those projects that, at first thought, seem irreplaceable. Time is what is irreplaceable, so what do you want to do with the time that you have?

Let’s all pause for a minute and listen and smile and breathe and hug and kiss and be. And play. Then maybe contemplate an impulsive but maybe necessary move to the South of France, hmm?

Food for thought for the  first of April. No jokes here!

Photo: Brighton, 2010.

Week [0329].


This chandelier is my favourite thing to photograph. In the world. Every time I’m in London, I have to head over and take multiple shots from every angle possible. It must be the curlicues and twists that resonate with me…the dimensions of a messy, creative mind?

What a week.

Lack of sleep and an abundance of stress does not make for a sharp Friday. The good news is, production week is over! So stress can, literally, be put to bed…until Monday anyway. March has always been a difficult month – I’m not sure why, but it is, every year. Then we always survive and ask, how can it be April already?

In the meantime…

This song has been on repeat at our little loft office. Or, rather, I have put it on repeat and everyone else is forced to listen. I love my team!

Daydreaming of this beach. Or maybe this beach. Any beach.

Will be popping by this guy’s studio later in one of my favourite ‘hoods in Shanghai, Tianzifang.  [“Busy” us ended up going for coffee & sweets at Baker & Spice. ]

Snacking on these MaltEaster Mini Bunnies that I hoarded during my recent UK trip. Nom.

Loving this Bill Claps work.

Hopefully I’ll also gather myself up this weekend to sort out recent travel photos, plus finish some more WIP artwork.

Happy a happy Easter weekend!

Photo: London, Victoria + Albert Museum, 2013.