Week [0103].


How’s 2014 treating you so far? Given the two-day work week, I’d say it’s been good to me. (Oops.)

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in China for the past few years, but the “New Year” never feels like it begins until after Chinese New Year. This year, that will be on 30 Jan. And this year, like the last, I will be celebrating in London. And maybe Paris.

I’ve just signed on to do another travel guide, and am happy that 2014’s heading in the direction I want it to. I’m never one to make resolutions but keep having thoughts pop up about what I should/shouldn’t change/do. These range from things like the typical 1) Sleep earlier, 2) Eat healthier, 3) Get off your butt, to the random yet important, 4) Book that dentist appointment. The more personal ones I’ll save for discussion later. Maybe.

I have trips to plan and books to read this weekend, and some New Year hellos with friends, too. Staying connected in person when I can, learning more about my trade, and taking advantage of travels are definitely items 5-7 on that ever-growing list.

I hope you have, in your own way, thought about how you want 2014 to be for you. And I hope, even more, that that’s what it will be, and much, much more.

In the meantime…

So very Canadian: Nanaimo Bar cupcakes.

The Shanghai art scene kicks off 2014 with another must-see exhibit: Yayoi Kusama.

Looking forward to my “Welcome Back to London” tea, hosted here.

Revamp your 2014 wardrobe on the cheap.

Veering off-track already with those resolutions? My latest picks for JADE Magazine will keep you motivated.

Have a calm, rejuvenating weekend!


Photo: New York, 2013.

Shelflife: Now Reading.

PicMonkey Collage

The Fault in our Stars / John Green; Memos: The Vogue Years / Diana Vreeland; The Kinfolk Table / Nathan Williams.

New Year, new pages. An electic mix of a YA bestseller, notes from one of the best editors there ever was, and the most beautiful and meaningful cookbook as of late.

Week [0913].

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Friday the 13th. 

Save for a flash thunderstorm that has parts of Shanghai flooding, there has been no other notable  unluckiness today. Yet. (As I type this, thunder ROARED.) Fingers crossed. 

Aside from being inundated by NYFW updates this week, I haven’t forgotten about other memorable events. Even if it’s a bad one. Twelve years ago this past Wednesday the 11th, I dashed out of Advertising class to take a call from my mom to let me know that my sister, who worked in Manhattan then, called to say she was okay. I got in trouble for running out of class so abruptly but it was a sprint that couldn’t be fast enough. Then at lunch time we all huddled around the TV at the student centre to watch the horrendous events unfold. We don’t, and won’t, forget. 

It’s funny how anticipation works. Overdo it and the excitement might just pass you by before the event actually occurs. I hope this isn’t what’s happening with my trip that begins next Wednesday! As usual it’s the rush to get everything before going on leave and making sure all loose ends are tied and packing and meetings and more packing and gift shopping and goodbye-for-now brunches and…yes. Deep down inside I’m jumping up and down…and wondering if it’s strange that I’m just looking forward to even the flight itself.  

In the meantime…

Cutest hair accessories

A Corbusier-inspired home. Bonus: It’s in Paris!

Esprit Dior on exhibit in our very own MoCA Shanghai. 

If famous writers had Instagram.

Then Man Booker Prize shortlist has been announced.  

Have a lucky weekend!

Photo: Vancouver, 2012.

Week [0823.]


This week’s recap comes a couple of days late (apologies) as I needed to unplug after this past week, which was eventful to say the least. My mind has been going a mile a minute in every direction – and at different paces too! – so needless to say, some R&R was much needed.

The end of August is near, and while my eye is still on the prize (North America in a few weeks!), my mind is already on the ‘beyond’. I’m planning, I’m plotting, I’m scrutinising what should/needs to be done, and when. While immensely talented in multi-tasking, I am anything but a planner. While trying to grapple with making sense of last week, I came across this blogger, who summarises it so eloquently: There is no strategising something that has no heart. Don’t plan/plot/scrutinise unless you mean it. Okay. 

This upcoming week will be about reminding myself to glance past the small stuff and to refocus – hard – on the little pieces of happy. Hopefully I’ll have everything sorted enough to share some big news with you soon.

In the meantime…

So ready to put this NYC field guide to good use.

Grown up lunch bags.

Playing with colour palettes and theories with this new app by Yale.

Recently, I seem to be obsessed with the wishbone.

Love every single incarnation of the Penguin Classics.

The best of international breakfasts.

Hope you had a chilled-out weekend!

Photo: San Francisco, 2012.

Shelflife: Now Reading.

PicMonkey Collage


Things We Love / Kate Spade New YorkThe Attachments / Rainbow RowellLean In / Sheryl Sandberg; The Betrayal / Helen Dunmore

A bit of a pick ‘n mix lately, as life has also been a bit…picky. Something lighthearted (don’t underestimate YA lit), something to chew on (working girls, unite), something serious (so haunting), and something pretty (that makes me oh-so-happy).

Week [0705].


July is off to a kicking start. It was an unusually stressful production week over here at the mag. I’m relieved to say that we won one of our toughest battles without me even needing to utter a single sound when it came to crunch time. Fantastic.

With a BFF back in town after his exit from the city a couple of years ago it’s been great reliving summers past, albeit changing locations since our favourite terrace has now been reclaimed by the local government (tsk). Multiple Pimm’s have bubbled in my belly but I’m convinced they’re healthy because of the fruits and veggies in the Cup, you know? Perhaps I should learn to savour them on the weekend as opposed to after a 15-hour workday, though. Oops.

This weekend is much, much welcomed.

In the meantime…

A visual anthology of 10 abstract painters’ lives. Matisse remains my fave.

I may or may not be be guilty of a few of these points and I’m not even a designer by trade!

The perfect ring that goes with just about everything.

Obsessed with the Gather Journal.

Book recommendations based on the last read you enjoyed.

Have a revitalising weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

Week [0614].


It’s another week and I am way behind on…everything. Just a quick one before I continue on with piles of editing…There is both good and bad in three-day holidays. Good: They make the work week shorter. Bad: They make the work week shorter.

It was during the holiday that I finally managed to see the fantastic Andy Warhol show at the Power Station of Art, which, as a venue, seems promising. I hope this means we’ll be seeing more shows of this scale in Shanghai. For a split second I felt like I was back at the Tate in London, so delightful. More on this show soon, but I definitely discovered a new love in Andy’s cheeky photobooth shots.

In the meantime:

As a Lomography fanatic, I must get this film scanner.

Whenever I need inspiration, I always turn to the stunning portfolios of this Swedish agency.

Ah, oui. Isabel Marant x H&M. November couldn’t come sooner.

Book clutches – yay or nay? Literary-inspired wardrobe goodies.

Ooh la la, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, Paris. (The city, not the person…!)

Have a full-of-daydreams weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.




If there’s one thing I strongly support and believe in, it’s education for children. More specifically, that every child needs to have access to books. Books encourage imagination in children (and escapism in adults). Books show you a world you … Continue reading



It’s like magic! And is perfect for me since there never seems to be enough space on my desk.

The Extend bookshelf by yet another clever Japanese design firm YOY allows you to make extra space for those all-important tomes that you can’t leave out of reach on the top shelf.

So completely sold!

Image: YOY