Week [0110].


January’s already proving to be what it’s meant for: reflection and planning.

I made a conscious effort to shift things around this week, and so far it’s working to lull away the post-holiday blues. Basically, it’s just doing all the things I said I would do, or putting forth a step towards it – funny how much satisfaction that gives. Planning for the upcoming trips (more on that later) has also proven to be a good distraction, but of course trip planning isn’t trip planning without some minor stress. AH WELL. Eye on the prize.

While there doesn’t seem to be particular progress on the blog (as I mentioned I would do), there have been things happening on the back end. I de-cluttered the sidebar with cute tabs courtesy of Something Swanky, but think that it still needs some fine tuning. I think I need more focus on the things I want to talk about. I shall keep brainstorming…and typing.

In the meantime…

My best friend sent me these pieces of wisdom for the New Year.

I can’t stop staring at these rings.

One of my favourite magazines has just launched a travel guide and it is so beautifully done.

For the lazy cooks, a one pot pasta.

A grown-up bunny print.

Have a nice, productive weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.



Daily coffees (no sugar), taking the same route to work everyday, right shoe on before the left, reaching the airport gate RIGHT before boarding…these are all habits that I cannot change. Not that I have to (do I?).

As an editor, my work life revolves around discipline and planning, two things I’m not naturally good at, but somehow comes naturally when deadlines abound. Sure, I “plan”, but the conclusion of planning is execution, completion. In life,  I think I just like to think – a lot.

How long does it take before something becomes second nature?

I really should take fewer taxis. And hoard fewer lipsticks in shades I can’t wear every day. Then I should also switch to green tea, and walk more, and sleep earlier.

I should also love this blog in actuality other than just in my mind.

It’s been a few months without a thorough peep from me on this blog. It’s not that I don’t have lines and lines jotted in notebooks with ideas, nor is it that I don’t have folders of photos from my recent travels that I don’t want to share. In fact, it has been a big couple of months. I suppose I haven’t conquered the biggest concern I had before committing to a blog in the first place, that I wouldn’t keep up with it.

Well. With time came changes and decisions and a change of perspective, so I shall work hard on making blogging a habit, and see where this takes me. I feel the need to keep at it, and hope that with perseverance, something good – great – will come. There will come a day when writing in here becomes a natural part of sitting in front of the laptop (with a coffee in hand, no sugar, of course).

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.