PicMonkey Collage

To somewhat add to my creative repertoire, I am also sometimes a stand-in hand model for our food shoots. So far my hands have been featured in a step-by-step guide to making macarons, in a recipe for perfect ice cream sandwiches, among others. Admittedly, I am chosen not because of the state of my ex-piano playing, knuckly hands, but rather usually pulled for the job last minute…or because the team just needs to give the crazy editor something to do so that she’ll stop nit-picking every frame we shoot. Tsk. The art of hand modelling is not an easy one to master. Move – pause. Tilt – pause. Hold. Repeat. Muscle strains a plenty.

This weekend we’ll be shooting an outdoor picnic, and yes, featuring my hands laying out the food, unwrapping sandwiches, pouring seltzer into glasses, etc. It’s all in the details to tell the entire story. So! Off I will go to get a manicure to lessen the Photoshop post-work for my designers.

Really, this is just a long intro to what I really wanted to talk about – the gorgeous range of nail polishes from Scotch Naturals. If I had to choose, Stiletto, Seaboard and Leprechaun-Lynch are my choice shades.

Nail polish (not necessarily a full-on manicure) is part of my regular beauty routine. I can be fresh-faced, without a smidge of makeup, but if there’s colour on my nails, I’ll feel ready to face the day. Perhaps it’s because I am typing all day and that extra splash of colour gives me a quick energy boost. The shades will depend on my mood that day, or even what mood I want to be in. Nail polish (or varnish, if you’re so inclined) colour selection displays  another dimension of our personalities, and adds another sentence to the story of ourselves that we all tell, every day.

Image: Scotch Naturals

Week [0719].


Why hello again, Friday. You always seem so far from reach but you’re always, always so welcomed.

Still deep in the embrace of the 38ºC heat, but planning for the autumn issue has begun. Just how I’m supposed to think about sweaters and soups and warmth when I am living in sundresses and salads and air conditioning?! Our food editor came by today for a pow-wow and brought us all some delicious mochi ice cream. I suppose we should savour the flavours and optimistic attitude of summer while it lasts.

I am thisclose to having a plane ticket in my hand for the much-anticipated North American trip in the fall. I cannot wait to be reunited with my nearest and dearest on that side of the world, and to just exhale and breathe in the sweet, clean air. Over the weekend I will be working on a freelance travel piece, hopefully I’ll have more assignments to tide me over until September (optimistic summer attitude in action…).

In the meantime…

Want to be more interesting?

Cute and practical work sandals in my favourite shade.

Simple and sweet, Morse code jewellery.

Latest scent on the roster. I love bergamot!

One of my most favourite non-newsstand mags – so beautiful.

Have a sweet weekend!

Photo: Vancouver, 2012.

Week [0607].


This week’s round-up again comes to you on a Saturday, because I have no excuse besides the fact that these 7-day mandatory work weeks make it feel like it’s always Wednesday. Oops!

It’s torrential downpour in Shanghai today, raining like I’ve never seen it rain here. Such weather is supposed scurry in the famous Shanghai humid summer. Coupled with the work week craziness of 4 shoots and endless edits, it makes me nostalgic for sweet childhood summers past full of  backyard swings, Fudgesicles,  berry-picking by the train tracks and general summertime fun. Nowadays, debauchery over Moscow Mules and Pimm’s on a nice terrace + good music for some summertime chillaxing is what I look forward to (yes, sometimes I am still very Canadian – we “chillax”.).

In the meantime….

These Nike ID x Liberty London creations make florals cooler than cool (and are customisable, too).

Alber Elbaz’s collaboration with Lancôme looks stunning!

One of my favourite artists in one of my favourite cities = Kapoor in Berlin.

Pretty  pastel stationery.

Some things just can’t be described in English. Here are 38 foreign words to help.

Have an exciting weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, on location – cover shoot, 2013.

Week [0524].


Hi. It’s Friday!


After a quick escape to Beijing last week (more about this soon), this week’s pace has gone from extremely hectic to enjoyably relaxed. Nothing a few extra shots of coffee (or my go-to comfort drink, milk tea) couldn’t cure .

Thoughts of summers past having been billowing in my head, and I’m missing people, and nostalgic about adventures, but looking forward to discovering new things around town to fill in the “present” pages. We have a kiddie shoot this weekend and it should be great – because, really, what could be better than kids and balloons and picnics?

In the meantime…

This washi tape installation makes me so happy.

Pushing through with summertime thoughts with Jamie’s yogurt pops.

Or better still, these white peach, lychee and red berry ice lollies.

I must, must, must make it to this Warhol exhibition. Maybe even twice.

Loved this article about crying in public in NYC. I’ve done it before…

Quite drawn to these lyrics, for some reason. Oh, sweet thing.

Have a delicious weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

Week [0426].


The work week isn’t yet over for us here in China. It’s the annual Labour Day 3-day holiday, and we work through the weekend so that we can have a continuous three days off…

Yeah – it doesn’t really make sense. So it’s a “fake” Friday today.

This week has been all about work. We’re in full-planning mode, redesigning the mag, creating moodboards for features, booking photographers and getting test shots. My deskspace at the office is splashed with images and layouts for our summer relaunch. My favourite part of my job, really.

In the meantime…

My entry for our company’s blog on social media in China.

“You have to be very tenacious to make it in this industry.” Nina Garcia’s wise words.

Loved Matilda’s West End version, so glad to hear it’s taking shape on Broadway, too.

Clever: How to work with Creative People.

Latest app download: New music trending on Twitter.

Looks like I’ll still ride through a neon wave this summer, as I’ve just nabbed these. Cheap & cheerful.

Last chance for dark polish as the weather warms up – this week I’m sporting leather on my fingers. (But no skulls, thanks.)

Have a wonderful, non-working sunshiny spring weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

Week [0419].


This is my life. And I love it.

Surrounded by magazines, Post-Its with new ideas and tabs with market trends – this is when I’m in my element. Looking back, all the stress and planning and meetings and PowerPoint revisions this week in preparation for a major client workshop…despite my overseas WeChat complaints and whiny transatlantic BBM messages, I have secretly loved it all. It’s just the process that’s difficult to endure. The end result, luckily, has always been satisfactory. (Ask me again next time.)

I hit the ground running the minute I landed at PVG last Sunday, and it still feels as if my toes haven’t yet touched the ground after returning from Hong Kong. After the lovely recent distractions, it’s time to regroup after, um, regrouping.

In the meantime…

Congratulations to The Coffee Academics for becoming my new favourite café in the world.

Simple and stylish iPad sleeve? Yes, please.

Newest member of my spring skincare roster.

This article has been bookmarked for a long time, just waiting for when I finally make it over to Tokyo.

What amazing space in an amazing home!

Have a now-I-can-exhale-and-plant-my-feet-back-on-the-ground weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.


Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 15.15.33

Spring has sprung in Shanghai. It’s teasing its arrival, at least, with temperatures up to 22C next week.

While not one to show up to client meetings in vivid colours, I do love a surprise element of colour against my wardrobe. It was time to switch things up a bit so to sidestep from my usual seasonal accessories haul, instead, I picked up two new favourite lipsticks during my recent London sojourn.

Brighton Rock and Sartorial, I’m counting on you to give me – and my mood – a little boost this spring.

And with that, my love affair with brights and neons shall continue. Let’s see how long this lasts with my fickle, fickle heart.

Image: Topshop.