Week [1129].


They’re back. And I’m re-obsessed with these Starbucks’ Red Cups (yes, capitalised). I blame nostalgia. I blame that music retreat we had back in highschool when these cups were not yet red – just festive, baby blue and bright purple swirled in corrugated wonder. Since then, I’ve been unstoppable. 

I actually downsized my drink yesterday because they ran out of grande Red Cups. Because what is the point of lining up and walking away without it? (Apparently our up design has wider white borders than those in other parts of the world.)

It just reminds me of home.

So the cold has arrived and the bundling up has begun. I’m flying off to Hong Kong tomorrow to escape for a few days, from what has been exciting yet stressful days at the office. I look forward to the family fun, the delicious food, the drinks over memories with friends, and the Christmas festivities that are already lining the streets. It’s always the holidays when I miss “Western” life the most  as we don’t have official Christmas days off in China. In fact, the week through Boxing Day will be the busiest one for us this issue. But such is life, the compromising of good and bad, and the balancing act of it all.

In the meantime…

NYT’s great piece on modern families.

Most recent favourite book for the kiddies.

My 2013 Holiday gift guide, as seen in JADE Magazine.

Love this DIY advent wreath.

Cold temps call for cosy drinks, like this bourbon spiced cider.

Grammar alert: The evolution of the word “because.”

Have a fantastic weekend! (And I promise a coffee-free photo next time.)

Photo: Shanghai, 2013. 

Shelflife: Now Reading.

PicMonkey Collage

AFAR; Vogue China, Lucky Peach.

Feeding the wanderlust (this cover is shot by a good friend who continues to wow with his talents); Vogue China’s 100th issue with stunning photos by Master Testino; gender-bending copy thanks to Lucky Peach.

Week [0719].


Why hello again, Friday. You always seem so far from reach but you’re always, always so welcomed.

Still deep in the embrace of the 38ºC heat, but planning for the autumn issue has begun. Just how I’m supposed to think about sweaters and soups and warmth when I am living in sundresses and salads and air conditioning?! Our food editor came by today for a pow-wow and brought us all some delicious mochi ice cream. I suppose we should savour the flavours and optimistic attitude of summer while it lasts.

I am thisclose to having a plane ticket in my hand for the much-anticipated North American trip in the fall. I cannot wait to be reunited with my nearest and dearest on that side of the world, and to just exhale and breathe in the sweet, clean air. Over the weekend I will be working on a freelance travel piece, hopefully I’ll have more assignments to tide me over until September (optimistic summer attitude in action…).

In the meantime…

Want to be more interesting?

Cute and practical work sandals in my favourite shade.

Simple and sweet, Morse code jewellery.

Latest scent on the roster. I love bergamot!

One of my most favourite non-newsstand mags – so beautiful.

Have a sweet weekend!

Photo: Vancouver, 2012.