Hi there.

I am fervent about blogging regularly (at least I try to be), I failed to be inspired last week. I blame (still) the thoughts that are buzzing in my head. I also blame the lovely taste of autumn that we had that inspired me instead to get out and daydream and wander and jog and walk and pace. So, apologies.

And so we come to a new week. When I’m not curled up perusing the endless gorgeousness that is many, many September issues, I’m mentally packing for my trip (nine days!). Otherwise my eyes have been glued to the #nyfw updates…hooray for Prabal Gurung’s palette, Kate Spade’s escapist designs, Victoria Beckham’s simple chic – and her little Harper who makes even Anna Wintour smile. Too good.

For those of you who are popping by via my JADE Magazine column, thank you. JADE was my first internship ever and I am so glad to still be contributing to the efforts of the lovely ladies on the team.

Hope your week is off to a good start. More soon.

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PicMonkey Collage

To somewhat add to my creative repertoire, I am also sometimes a stand-in hand model for our food shoots. So far my hands have been featured in a step-by-step guide to making macarons, in a recipe for perfect ice cream sandwiches, among others. Admittedly, I am chosen not because of the state of my ex-piano playing, knuckly hands, but rather usually pulled for the job last minute…or because the team just needs to give the crazy editor something to do so that she’ll stop nit-picking every frame we shoot. Tsk. The art of hand modelling is not an easy one to master. Move – pause. Tilt – pause. Hold. Repeat. Muscle strains a plenty.

This weekend we’ll be shooting an outdoor picnic, and yes, featuring my hands laying out the food, unwrapping sandwiches, pouring seltzer into glasses, etc. It’s all in the details to tell the entire story. So! Off I will go to get a manicure to lessen the Photoshop post-work for my designers.

Really, this is just a long intro to what I really wanted to talk about – the gorgeous range of nail polishes from Scotch Naturals. If I had to choose, Stiletto, Seaboard and Leprechaun-Lynch are my choice shades.

Nail polish (not necessarily a full-on manicure) is part of my regular beauty routine. I can be fresh-faced, without a smidge of makeup, but if there’s colour on my nails, I’ll feel ready to face the day. Perhaps it’s because I am typing all day and that extra splash of colour gives me a quick energy boost. The shades will depend on my mood that day, or even what mood I want to be in. Nail polish (or varnish, if you’re so inclined) colour selection displays ¬†another dimension of our personalities, and adds another sentence to the story of ourselves that we all tell, every day.

Image: Scotch Naturals

Sign Here.


Brevity Jewelry turns your signature into a one-of-a-kind chain and pendant. What a brilliant idea.

It could just be my obsession with penmanship.

I have always wanted a name necklace, but the “Carries” and the like never had enough appeal. Having one made from my own scribbles, however, does. (Does this have to do with a degree of vanity, I wonder?)


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Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 15.15.33

Spring has sprung in Shanghai. It’s teasing its arrival, at least, with temperatures up to 22C next week.

While not one to show up to client meetings in vivid colours, I do love a surprise element of colour against my wardrobe. It was time to switch things up a bit so to sidestep from my usual seasonal accessories haul, instead, I picked up two new favourite lipsticks during my recent London sojourn.

Brighton Rock and Sartorial, I’m counting on you to give me – and my mood – a little boost this spring.

And with that, my love affair with brights and neons shall continue. Let’s see how long this lasts with my fickle, fickle heart.

Image: Topshop.

Park It.


Being slightly obsessed with (and hugely excited about) my upcoming travels, the thought of piling stacks of clothing into a not-so-big suitcase (20kg limit, afterall) is already slightly unnerving. Solution? Heavy jacket to save me from the bitter cold that is London/Amsterdam. This way, I can go easy on the thick sweaters and save room for layers and…souvenirs.

Chinese New Year holidays in Shanghai are usually in Jan/Feb and go on for a week. This is my annual travel time, and it’s likely that I’ll find myself in cold temperatures year on year.

This Woolrich parka just might be a smart investment that I need to make.

Photo: Woolrich