Daily coffees (no sugar), taking the same route to work everyday, right shoe on before the left, reaching the airport gate RIGHT before boarding…these are all habits that I cannot change. Not that I have to (do I?).

As an editor, my work life revolves around discipline and planning, two things I’m not naturally good at, but somehow comes naturally when deadlines abound. Sure, I “plan”, but the conclusion of planning is execution, completion. In life,  I think I just like to think – a lot.

How long does it take before something becomes second nature?

I really should take fewer taxis. And hoard fewer lipsticks in shades I can’t wear every day. Then I should also switch to green tea, and walk more, and sleep earlier.

I should also love this blog in actuality other than just in my mind.

It’s been a few months without a thorough peep from me on this blog. It’s not that I don’t have lines and lines jotted in notebooks with ideas, nor is it that I don’t have folders of photos from my recent travels that I don’t want to share. In fact, it has been a big couple of months. I suppose I haven’t conquered the biggest concern I had before committing to a blog in the first place, that I wouldn’t keep up with it.

Well. With time came changes and decisions and a change of perspective, so I shall work hard on making blogging a habit, and see where this takes me. I feel the need to keep at it, and hope that with perseverance, something good – great – will come. There will come a day when writing in here becomes a natural part of sitting in front of the laptop (with a coffee in hand, no sugar, of course).

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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