The Best Ships…


…are friendships.

(Okay, I know, that’s a sailboat…)

I have several more “fun” blogs on the backburner for this week, but every time I sat down to write them, the mood wasn’t right. Because of some turn of events and the realisation of “sooner rather than later”, I’ve had to rely on my friends more often than usual to sound out things that made sense in my head – but not sure if they did in real life. And vice versa.

My best friends don’t live in the same city as I do. That’s good and bad. I’ll always have a place to visit, and time difference is great for late night calls, but I don’t get to enjoy the luxury of impromptu heart-to-hearts. That’s what I miss. I am, however, very grateful for technology that keeps us close while being so far apart.

And rumours – how much should you believe in them? Does the source matter more than the tale itself? Do you give everyone the benefit of the doubt and wave it off, or allow it knock you down a few notches and let insincerity seep into something you’ve worked so hard on? Cryptic, I know this too.

I suppose it’s moments like these that allow us to filter through only what we need and to walk away from the rest.

The weekend couldn’t come sooner…

Photo: Vancouver Island, 2012.

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