热。[ Rè ].  HOT.

It’s the hottest I’ve experienced and we’re looking at two more weeks (at least) of this scorching weather. All I can think about is…


Popsicles! Just look at these beauties. We embraced the challenge of shooting some for our last issue and while I moan about shooting F/W fashion in this heat, I’m glad we didn’t have to brave the temperatures while shooting our recipes for homemade popsicles. Despite it having been an indoor shoot, buckets and buckets of ice melted under the studio lights…

PicMonkey Collage

As a child, these mango/banana flavoured treats were my favourite – but they’re only available in Hong Kong. Growing up in Canada, it was all about the Fudgsicle. Popsicles seem awfully trendy now, and I love all the healthy homemade varieties. This breakfast popsicle, for instance, is a great idea.  But you know, grown-ups deserve cheeky desserts too. This weekend I may just have to add a splash of vodka or champagne into a fruity popsicle mix to make for a good cool-down. Mmmhmm.

Photo: Weather, Shanghai, 2013. 
Images: Popsicles, Chocolate Popsicles, Cappuccino Popsicles, Rocket Popsicles

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