PicMonkey Collage

To somewhat add to my creative repertoire, I am also sometimes a stand-in hand model for our food shoots. So far my hands have been featured in a step-by-step guide to making macarons, in a recipe for perfect ice cream sandwiches, among others. Admittedly, I am chosen not because of the state of my ex-piano playing, knuckly hands, but rather usually pulled for the job last minute…or because the team just needs to give the crazy editor something to do so that she’ll stop nit-picking every frame we shoot. Tsk. The art of hand modelling is not an easy one to master. Move – pause. Tilt – pause. Hold. Repeat. Muscle strains a plenty.

This weekend we’ll be shooting an outdoor picnic, and yes, featuring my hands laying out the food, unwrapping sandwiches, pouring seltzer into glasses, etc. It’s all in the details to tell the entire story. So! Off I will go to get a manicure to lessen the Photoshop post-work for my designers.

Really, this is just a long intro to what I really wanted to talk about – the gorgeous range of nail polishes from Scotch Naturals. If I had to choose, Stiletto, Seaboard and Leprechaun-Lynch are my choice shades.

Nail polish (not necessarily a full-on manicure) is part of my regular beauty routine. I can be fresh-faced, without a smidge of makeup, but if there’s colour on my nails, I’ll feel ready to face the day. Perhaps it’s because I am typing all day and that extra splash of colour gives me a quick energy boost. The shades will depend on my mood that day, or even what mood I want to be in. Nail polish (or varnish, if you’re so inclined) colour selection displays  another dimension of our personalities, and adds another sentence to the story of ourselves that we all tell, every day.

Image: Scotch Naturals

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