There is nothing wrong with Helvetica – it’s clean, it’s sleek, it works. Only when there are plenty of other options and you select it by default, or because you are too lazy to try out another, does it irk me.

And yes, I feel passionately about typefaces. In other words, I am a font snob.

Typography says a lot about who you are, in a way that might reveal your personality. This is especially true for a brand, as much as penmanship does for a person.

This quiz (albeit slightly creepy), takes an interesting approach in telling you what “type” you are through answers to four questions.

I personally am a fan of Trebuchet MS as a default font, mostly for the lowercase G with the hybrid opening, splayed capital Ms, and the distinctive lowercase L with a tail. I know that we all can’t function with amazing, customised fonts in our daily work, so Cambria is growing on me, too.

And always, always sans serif.

What’s the best font for a love letter? Resignation letter? Here’s a  fun roundup on typeface. The decision on which font to use can influence how we react to certain information, too. Poor Comic Sans.

So just as accessories can showcase our individuality and personality, so can fonts. Choose both wisely.

Photo: From a dear friend, Montenegro, 2013.

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