Week [0705].


July is off to a kicking start. It was an unusually stressful production week over here at the mag. I’m relieved to say that we won one of our toughest battles without me even needing to utter a single sound when it came to crunch time. Fantastic.

With a BFF back in town after his exit from the city a couple of years ago it’s been great reliving summers past, albeit changing locations since our favourite terrace has now been reclaimed by the local government (tsk). Multiple Pimm’s have bubbled in my belly but I’m convinced they’re healthy because of the fruits and veggies in the Cup, you know? Perhaps I should learn to savour them on the weekend as opposed to after a 15-hour workday, though. Oops.

This weekend is much, much welcomed.

In the meantime…

A visual anthology of 10 abstract painters’ lives. Matisse remains my fave.

I may or may not be be guilty of a few of these points and I’m not even a designer by trade!

The perfect ring that goes with just about everything.

Obsessed with the Gather Journal.

Book recommendations based on the last read you enjoyed.

Have a revitalising weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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