Week [0628].


When the entire week feels like a blur you really need to stop yourself and think – hey, wait a second, something is not right. And when you figure out (or when it’s blatantly obvious) why things aren’t the way they should/could be, then you’ve got some trouble on your hands. Or if you’re better at this than I am, then you’ll actually realise that this is a good opportunity for change.

CHANGE. The bane of my existence, the motivation that keeps me going. Change is my friend, one of my best friends, in fact, but if so, then why does it seem so unrealistic to hold its hand?

As a true Taurean, loyalty is my best virtue. It is also my worst enemy sometimes because it makes it difficult for me to know exactly when to let go…

Last weekend I attended my first-ever (and the second-ever) TEDx event in Shanghai. 14 speakers in 6 hours surprisingly flown by, and the variety of topics and enthusiastic speakers were very inspiring indeed. It really is great to see Shanghai participate in something of a global scale, and make its own mark with its calibre of success.  I was also very impressed by the audience, who stayed for the full six- hour event.

So here’s to the last weekend of June. 2013 is now officially half over.

In the meantime…

I’m such a sucker for any “design-your-own” branded product anything. Personalised lip balm, what? Loving Elephantastic and London Calling, of course.

The Tiny Instagram Projector. Genius.

The perfect weekend bag. I want one in every colour!

Needed a refresher this week: How to Manage Creative People.

“It is fine to take from the same well – but not from the same bucket.” China’s copycat habit and its influence on architecture.

Have a sunny weekend!

Photo: Amsterdam, 2013. 

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