Week [0607].


This week’s round-up again comes to you on a Saturday, because I have no excuse besides the fact that these 7-day mandatory work weeks make it feel like it’s always Wednesday. Oops!

It’s torrential downpour in Shanghai today, raining like I’ve never seen it rain here. Such weather is supposed scurry in the famous Shanghai humid summer. Coupled with the work week craziness of 4 shoots and endless edits, it makes me nostalgic for sweet childhood summers past full of  backyard swings, Fudgesicles,  berry-picking by the train tracks and general summertime fun. Nowadays, debauchery over Moscow Mules and Pimm’s on a nice terrace + good music for some summertime chillaxing is what I look forward to (yes, sometimes I am still very Canadian – we “chillax”.).

In the meantime….

These Nike ID x Liberty London creations make florals cooler than cool (and are customisable, too).

Alber Elbaz’s collaboration with Lancôme looks stunning!

One of my favourite artists in one of my favourite cities = Kapoor in Berlin.

Pretty  pastel stationery.

Some things just can’t be described in English. Here are 38 foreign words to help.

Have an exciting weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, on location – cover shoot, 2013.

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