Week [0531].


Another week, another month. Where has the time gone? 2013 will soon be half…full.

This week was a week of four shoots and the mad rush of putting pages into layout. Work aside, yoga is once again my best friend. As it the new health food restaurant near the studio that makes me miss Whole Foods a little less. Self-indulgence in the right way is a-okay.

However – if any of you have pointers for staying focused and clear-minded during practice, do share. This something that I have zero confidence mastering as a cluttered mind is all I know.

This weekend will be a disciplined one as I have a few side projects to finish up. Hopefully I will also spend some time looking into how I can further develop this blog, because goodness, do I have ideas. Mmhmm. That and I will be visiting a friend’s new dessert shop that specialises in durian. Hmm. Can’t promise that I’ll try everything but let’s see how it goes.

In the meantime…

A must-read for anyone with brothers and/or sisters. I’m lucky to have one of each.

Edible origami cranes (en Français).

Every girl should own a Lulu Frost statement piece. This is mine.

The city’s gearing up for The 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, where Tom Hooper will lead the jury.

Brave enough to do this to your wall?

Have a just-full-enough weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, on location – summer food shoot, 2013.

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