Week [0524].


Hi. It’s Friday!


After a quick escape to Beijing last week (more about this soon), this week’s pace has gone from extremely hectic to enjoyably relaxed. Nothing a few extra shots of coffee (or my go-to comfort drink, milk tea) couldn’t cure .

Thoughts of summers past having been billowing in my head, and I’m missing people, and nostalgic about adventures, but looking forward to discovering new things around town to fill in the “present” pages. We have a kiddie shoot this weekend and it should be great – because, really, what could be better than kids and balloons and picnics?

In the meantime…

This washi tape installation makes me so happy.

Pushing through with summertime thoughts with Jamie’s yogurt pops.

Or better still, these white peach, lychee and red berry ice lollies.

I must, must, must make it to this Warhol exhibition. Maybe even twice.

Loved this article about crying in public in NYC. I’ve done it before…

Quite drawn to these lyrics, for some reason. Oh, sweet thing.

Have a delicious weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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