Self-imposed hiatus to focus on what’s important – birthdays, afterall, all but come just once a year.

I wanted to be low-key this year, so didn’t make any big plans. Lunch with the team, dinner with the fam, chitchat with him, and maybe a cake so that I can make my wishes for the year.


Flowers showed up. Multiple cakes, and cupcakes, showed up. Faraway hellos were exchanged, and unexpected phone calls answered. My favourite foods eaten in my honour despite being in different timezones. Adorable pop-up card from the nephews featuring their delicious faces. Snail mail packages. So while my birthday wasn’t really in my own thoughts (clouded by “Oh-I’m-getting-old-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life?!” existentialist thoughts, I believe), it seemed that they were, in fact, in theirs. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Happy birthday, lucky me. Onwards and upwards I go.

PS. How much do we love A Beautiful Mess‘ new app? They pretty much summed it all up for me.

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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