Week [0504].


The three-days holiday/two-days work threw me off track, hence the delay for this week’s recap.

This week was about reconnecting with loved ones far and near; a good few days of catching up with temporarily abandoned pals, replying to overdue emails, and endless Skype marathons. Only during holidays can I transcend timezones and accommodate chitchats with VIPs around the world. Many important conversations were had and whether they resulted in cloud-parting, ray-of-light revelations, a quiet, misty weep, or laugh-until-you-cry belly laughs, I know now that I need to make time for more of them during the regular weeks. Likewise, I also need to work in more two-hour jogs like the one that I finally managed this weekend. So rejuvenating!

I have subconsciously allowed these few months to be filled with thoughts of could be, but not what can be. So, here’s to the shifting of the mind along with (please please please) the shifting of the cold weather into warm sunshine. Because, you know, what’s the point of standing still when the rest of the world is racing past?

In the meantime…

The Socialite Family indulges in my intrigue of peeking inside other people’s homes to the next degree.

Regardless of how many years its been since they ceased publishing Blueprint and Domino, they still remain as two of my favourite shelter mags.

Simple and pretty iPhone case – gold foil and stripes, that’s all I’ll ever need. (Throw in some of their stationery and I’ll be your best friend.)

Hooray for Canada Post’s latest “Adopt a Pet” collection of stamps.

The sun’s out and I’m thinking…it’s time for Pimm’s.

Hope you’ve all had a delectable weekend.

Photo: Shanghai, 2013. 


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