Week [0426].


The work week isn’t yet over for us here in China. It’s the annual Labour Day 3-day holiday, and we work through the weekend so that we can have a continuous three days off…

Yeah – it doesn’t really make sense. So it’s a “fake” Friday today.

This week has been all about work. We’re in full-planning mode, redesigning the mag, creating moodboards for features, booking photographers and getting test shots. My deskspace at the office is splashed with images and layouts for our summer relaunch. My favourite part of my job, really.

In the meantime…

My entry for our company’s blog on social media in China.

“You have to be very tenacious to make it in this industry.” Nina Garcia’s wise words.

Loved Matilda’s West End version, so glad to hear it’s taking shape on Broadway, too.

Clever: How to work with Creative People.

Latest app download: New music trending on Twitter.

Looks like I’ll still ride through a neon wave this summer, as I’ve just nabbed these. Cheap & cheerful.

Last chance for dark polish as the weather warms up – this week I’m sporting leather on my fingers. (But no skulls, thanks.)

Have a wonderful, non-working sunshiny spring weekend!

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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