“Did you read this article?” was his response to my, oh, musings of the recent months passed. It was titled “The Busy Trap”, an article that has gone viral again after being first published mid-2012.

And now I’ve just read it for the sixth time.

It has all my recent favourite, albeit overused, words in it: Idle, existential, obligations. Can you see where I’m going with this?

We all do it. Go, go, go, ATTACK! Hit one target and immediately jog up to the next before sprinting through the next finish line. And repeat. However, do we do this because we must? The perfectionist in me says, of course, and complete everything at 120%, minimum. I’ve talked about pacing yourself, taking  a breather, and rediscovering the tiny but beautiful details that we overlook. Perhaps being still is a skill that we all need to practice as well, and question the cogency of our busyness.

The article particularly rings true in that our regrets lie with not spending time with those we love and not with passing on those projects that, at first thought, seem irreplaceable. Time is what is irreplaceable, so what do you want to do with the time that you have?

Let’s all pause for a minute and listen and smile and breathe and hug and kiss and be. And play. Then maybe contemplate an impulsive but maybe necessary move to the South of France, hmm?

Food for thought for the  first of April. No jokes here!

Photo: Brighton, 2010.

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