Week [0329].


This chandelier is my favourite thing to photograph. In the world. Every time I’m in London, I have to head over and take multiple shots from every angle possible. It must be the curlicues and twists that resonate with me…the dimensions of a messy, creative mind?

What a week.

Lack of sleep and an abundance of stress does not make for a sharp Friday. The good news is, production week is over! So stress can, literally, be put to bed…until Monday anyway. March has always been a difficult month – I’m not sure why, but it is, every year. Then we always survive and ask, how can it be April already?

In the meantime…

This song has been on repeat at our little loft office. Or, rather, I have put it on repeat and everyone else is forced to listen. I love my team!

Daydreaming of this beach. Or maybe this beach. Any beach.

Will be popping by this guy’s studio later in one of my favourite ‘hoods in Shanghai, Tianzifang.  [“Busy” us ended up going for coffee & sweets at Baker & Spice. ]

Snacking on these MaltEaster Mini Bunnies that I hoarded during my recent UK trip. Nom.

Loving this Bill Claps work.

Hopefully I’ll also gather myself up this weekend to sort out recent travel photos, plus finish some more WIP artwork.

Happy a happy Easter weekend!

Photo: London, Victoria + Albert Museum, 2013. 

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