Those who know me know that I love imperfections. Okay, aside from blatant editorial nonchalance, I welcome imperfections. I will always vouch for ugly-cute and chips and bumps and cracks and dent and scratches.

I am also known to carry around multiple cameras when I travel. These, more often than not, will include my trusty pink-rimmed, clear Lomo.

When I was 15 years old, I spotted this funny looking camera with four lenses in a messy little shop in Hong Kong. Thus began my accidental foray into lo-fi photography. At the time, my other sidekick was a Polaroid Joycam (wow, this is going to age me…). With these cameras in tow and my precious Blythe dolls as models, my first Lomography photos were shot. Years later, the brand has been resurrected (yay!), and while prices have been doubled if not more (not yay), it’s still fun to see them back in action.

The Fisheye and Holga are also on my roster, and I’ve been eying the La Sardina ever since its launch. Wide angles? Yes, please. Colourful stripes on the outside? YES, please! I think I may just go for the Beluga.

The photo above was snapped in passing while detouring through a shipyard in Bangkok. It’s my favourite Lomo snap, sits in a fancy frame, and moves with me around the world. I can’t pinpoint what it is about this image that calms me, as I never intended for this to be an extraordinary capture, nor are the colours especially vibrant nor encouraging. This is precisely why I love going analogue, though: Viewed through a different lens, and without previews, the world around us then becomes a beautiful surprise.

I can’t imagine anything else more perfect than that.

Photo: Bangkok, 2008.

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