Picture 4Less is more. Agree?

In terms of design, yes. Simplicity often resonates the loudest because it then become your, the receiver’s, task to decipher and therefore dictate what it means to you. As an editor, I always tell writers to write succinctly. If the same sentence can be written with less words while maintaining the necessary inflections, then please, yes – do it.

But I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the same way when it comes to belongings.  One of the few resolutions that I have for this year is to downsize, or rather, minimalise the amount of “stuff” that I have. My problem though, is that I’m an emotional hoarder. Oh, that boarding pass to XX when we fell in love, or that ticket stub to the best!show!ever! with the BFF, or even a broken necklace that was once a thoughtful birthday gift…In a now-defunct blog, I even wrote about waiting until the last minute to throw out a pair of shoes because they had travelled with me, far and wide.

Or maybe it’s just because they remind me of things that matter(ed) to me. But they’re just things,  just stuff.

Memories. I’ll hold on to memories and make them matter.

In the meantime,  stumbling upon this article  today helped.  I think we can all benefit from looking around and filtering out things that really add value (we can also do this with people in our lives, but that’s a whole other discussion …), and perhaps our priorities will shift for the better.

Mission De-clutter begins (again), now.

Photo: London, Brick Lane, 2010. 

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