This past weekend was a reminder to stop. Just stop thinking about the millions of tasks that still need to be ticked off the list, the suitcase that needs to be packed, next issue’s contents that needs to be planned, that extra project I’m working on that has a super tight deadline –  stop stressing about being stressed!

When was the last time I started in one corner of the city (aka a café) and ended up in another (café), with no plans whatsoever?

So on this past sunny Sunday, fueled by good conversation with a pal and a delicious latte from the charming Aroom (photo), we set off to wander through the Former French Concession.  There was happy chatter all around and an obvious energy in everyone’s steps as a reaction to the first signs of spring. Can I also mention the stylish duds that all the DOGS were sporting? Adorable.

The Platanes that line the avenues were still mostly in their winter nakedness, but despite this, we meandered through the streets, discovering cute shops and quaint cafés that have popped up all around town. I spent some time joking with the shopkeeper at the fabulous BrutCake and was excited to see so many up-and-coming designers making their mark on our creative scene.

Now that it’s Monday again, the blues are inevitable when the work week green light says GO. But the great thing is that weekends are always just 5 days away.

Photo: Shanghai, 2013.

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