Snap Happy.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 16.35.57

From one kind of “style” to another.

Today’s photo was taken on a kiddie clothing shoot in London. Usually photoshoots with kids can get pretty crazy but the mini-models we had that day were so well behaved and one little darling in particular, Pepper, totally stole my heart. The theme of the shoot was spring (shot in the dead of winter, as all shoots go),  so we had these delicious treats to accessorise the set with.

I’m running a creative workshop tomorrow back here in Shanghai, a chance for our photographer, editors and designers to brainstorm and discuss all things related to food photography.

Rule of Thirds, backlighting, composition, white balance, depth of field – these are all things that we rattle on about, second nature to us when we’re so used to scrutinising each speck of pepper (the spice, not our sweet kiddie model) or each trail of sauce. It’s trickier when dealing with Chinese food since we can only be so creative with our plating before overwhelming the actual ingredients. So, this powwow is an extra push for us to think apart from the obvious so to give our readers an improved experience with our mag in the coming issues.

People make fun of me now because I style the heck out of every photo I take, even just with my Blackberry. But what’s wrong with wanting to create and capture the simple beauty of otherwise mundane details?

Photo: London, 2012.

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