I don’t make resolutions. Or, rather, I stop and consider doing so, but the efforts fail before I even begin. Call me uninspired.

This needs to change.

Of all the resolutions and commentary on “It’s a New Year!” blog entries, so far the only one that has resonated with me is the one where you select one word that you will live by for the year. It could be anything from “Create” to “Care” to “Learn”. And as usual, I can’t never have just one – so I chose three. Namely, three that encompass all the things I’m aiming for, and looking to do in 2013.

growth. gratitude. grace.

(Alliteration: bonus!) And as for why specifically I’m sticking with (or, starting with) these, I’ll keep the reasons to myself, for now.

But change, it begins today.

Photo: Provence, 2010.


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